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Theos and polis : political theology as discernment \/ edited by Stephan van Erp, Jacques Haers Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology...

Theos and polis : political theology as discernment / edited by Stephan van Erp, Jacques Haers

Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology <12. ; 2019 ; Leuven> (Visualizza in formato Marc21)

Record Nr.: 356381 Pubblicazione: Leuven [etc.] : Peeters, 2023. Descrizione fisica: IX, 472 p. ; 25 cm Titolo uniforme di collana: Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium ; 331. Nota formattata di contenuto: The concept of the mystical-political: Thoughts on hierarchy, sovereignty, democracy, and holiness / Andrew Prevot -- Justice, distance, and love: What would be a contemplative stance in politics? / Rowan Williams -- Mystical theology without sovereignty: Toward an apophatic political theology / Colby Dickinson -- Out of Gethsemane: An essay on theology as common apostolic discernment -- Can Ubuntu lead to a sustainable political development in Africa? / Cyril Orji -- The political discernment of the church: Developments towards a Catholic political theology / Stephan van Earp; Wilibaldus Gaut -- Polis, architechture, and signals of transcendence: Notes for a political theology of material context / Anthony J. Godzieba -- Political theology and a messianic option in calamitous times / Dennis T. Gonzalez Violence, vulnerability, and resistances: Discernment to decolonise theology in times of systemic war / Carlos Mendoza-Álvarez -- Where death is the currency of life: Political theology in the wake of trauma / Judith Gruber -- "Don't kill me!": The face as the nexus between the political and the theological / Marie Baird -- Geo-aesthetics and the poetics of relations: Rethinking migration with Édouard Glissant -- Isabella Guanzini -- "In glamour we trust": The aesthetics of deception and the world's displaced persons / Cecilia González-Andrieu "Listen, your [sister's] blood is crying out to me from the ground!": Calling churches to account for violence against women in South Africa / Nontando Hadebe -- Christian political theology in the Arab world: the Egyptian context / John Gabriel Khalil -- Slut-shaming in Philippine politics and in the Catholic Church: A feminist theological reflection on Leila de Lima and Mary Magdalene / Rachel Joyce Marie O. Sanchez -- Th performance of the Christian faith under a populist President: the case of the Philippine church under Duterte / Ruben C. Mendoza -- The migrant as Locus Theologicus: Theology and education in dialogue / Pauline Dimech Apocalyptic spaces and the illegitimacy of political theology: Schmitt, Agamben, and Peterson / Philip John Paul Gonzales -- Eschaton's witnesses: The political theology of Erik Peterson / Ana Petrache -- Enmity, the reign of God, and the Grace of reconciliation: Prolegomena to the political theology of H. Richard Nieburh / Philip J. Rossi -- Adam and Christ in Bonhoeffer: Analogia Relationis, the Imago Dei, and the Body Politic / David Mark Dunning -- Ecclesial discernment and action in Lonergan's theology / Edward Dunar Uniting Rowan William's non-competition theo-politics and Johann Baptist Metz's interruptive theo-politics: A fundamental political theology of grace and opposition / David Horstkoetter -- "Talkin' 'bout a revolution": Political spirituality between practice and event following the detours of Michel de Certeau / Cultural critics in a post-Christian or apocalyptic age: The complicated legacy of Ivan Illich / Patrick Ryan Cooper -- Navigating pluralism in political theology: Discernment from interreligious dialogue / Joyce Ann Konigsburg -- Epilogue: Redeeming vulnerability? Questions for political theology / Elizabeth Pyne Soggetto topico: Teologia politica - Atti di congressi Cristianesimo e politica ISBN: 978-90-429-5023-8 Livello bibliografico Monografia Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese Altri autori: Erp, Stephan : van, <1966- > Haers, Jacques, <1956- >
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